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January 21

Elegance, fantasy and nonconformity: sapphire is the stone of Aquarius

Elegance, fantasy and nonconformity: sapphire is the stone of Aquarius

The characteristics of the zodiacal sign of Aquarius, of which today begins the month? Fantasy, nonconformity and creativity. Which also corresponds to the qualities of an elegant and lucky stone: the blue sapphire. That's why Boite d'Or decided to enhance this "couple".

The name "Sapphire" comes from the Greek "sappherios" which means blue. Among the Greeks it was associated with the god Apollo and was worn when consulting the oracle to better understand the message, since it was thought that it increased perceptions and improved sensitivity. According to legend, it was the sapphire that made the beautiful Helen of Troy so beloved and desired. With this stone the famous ring of King Solomon was also created, on which was carved the seal that allowed him to control the demons.

Sapphire from the most ancient cultures was seen as the magical stone of heaven, spirit, trust and friendship. And this is also why they were given many healing properties. For example, it was thought to help people with cardiovascular disease, treat various skin and spine infections, and be useful for rheumatism, diabetes, and blood loss.

Magic, tradition, beliefs, but also colors and symbols enclosed in a single stone. Now it's time to discover the best creations from Boite d'Or, in the Alba and Cuneo locations, or to admire them on our website: www.shop.boitedor.com.