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March 26

Happiness is made up of great little things

Happiness is made up of great little things

What is the secret of happiness?

What are the things that make us really happy? It is not necessary to look for them too far, because they are here within our reach, they are in front of us, only that often we do not notice them: happiness lies in small things. We often find ourselves chasing after impossible things, believing that they are the answer to happiness, when in reality it would be enough so little ... To sleep in a freshly made bed, for example. Or feel the sun on your face in a long winter. Love the house where you live. Under a torrential rain, feeling lucky for taking the umbrella out of the house. Watch the stars on a summer night. Feeling loved. Happiness is not an endless pursuit to possess more and more things: happiness is rejoicing in what we have and, even more, in what we are.

A very effective exercise to remember how lucky we are, could be making a daily list of 10 reasons why you should feel happy. Do they seem so many? You will see that as soon as you become familiar with this "play" you will realize that you certainly have more than 10 reasons for happiness ... The goldsmith Marco Gerbella has dedicated an entire collection to this theme, called "Little Joys". These are forms that trace the reasons for happiness just mentioned ... wearing them can only remind you even more how easy and beautiful it is to smile.

Come and discover the "Little Joys" by Marco Gerbella from Boite d’Or, on the online shop (www.shop.boitedor.com) or in our stores in Alba and Cuneo.